pressure drop



Jimmy-Cliff-The-Harder-They-Come-album-cover-web-optimised-820.jpgThe song “Pressure Drop” by The Maytals (Toots and the Maytals) is one of my favorite songs. The track first appeared on the soundtrack for “The Harder They Come.” I’ve never seen the movie.

“Pressure Drop” is interesting musically and universally relatable. Another incredible aspect of the song is that it has been covered by so many other incredible artists, and each version is different and great in their own right. My favorites are the covers by The Clash, The Specials, and Robert Palmer.

Logan Melissa

I just came across a series of guest blogs on waxpoetics by Logan Melissa. I am surprised I missed her writing. She is a bad ass. She had a series of narrated record digging tips, and it is clear she knows what’s up. From now on, when I need to explain why crate diggers do what they do, I’m going to point people to her work there.

This is my favorite, as I was searching the WP site for info on The New Birth Record she mentions (hence the name of the page linked). She also unexpectedly riffs on one of my favorite records, Thembi.

All her WP posts:

Main site: