razors shift IFC compatibility

My current skate is the Razors Shift 2, which I love. I was not expecting to use the “Instant Frame Change” (IFC) system too much, but I have come to use it regularly. I did find a slight compatibility issue in some of the available soul plates that you should be aware of if you have the Shift 2, as opposed to the Shift or Cosmo. The Shift 2 added two extra recesses in the bottom of the boot in order to add t-slot m4 screws for bolting the frame to the boot.IMG_6612.jpg

This seems innocuous as the screws are optional. But, the recesses add two bumps that are ~8 mm or so and present a challenge to securing soul plates that were made before the Shift 2. Below are some images showing the problem areas.

First, the stock Shift 2 soul plate (the holes corresponding to the new m4 taps are circled in red):IMG_1709.jpg

Now a side-by-side with a v1 plate (white happens to be a Cosmo plate, but this is a concern with some Shift plates too; see below) and a v2 plate (black; not all black plates are v2):IMG_1116.JPG

This is easy enough to fix. You need to sand/Dremel out the areas I’ve shown above (blue marker outline). This will give you the clearance needed for the two new t-slot bumps to sit in the pocket. You should now be able to more easily pop a new frame on, and it will be secure. Without doing this, the bumps will prevent the soul plate from sitting flush with the boot as intended, and then you will have to force the soul slider on in an insecure way. Even if you manage to force the frame in, it will be storing potential energy like a spring. I bet it is just a matter of time before the frame pops off with just the right landing etc. For me, I couldn’t even really force the slider on. I had the most trouble getting the Cosmo soul plate and slider on as they have more glass in the plastic and flex less.

After Routing:


A black set I had to mod (same places):



I can’t find any information from Razors about these differences, but I’ve managed to piece a few things together that may help when you order extra soul plates and sliders:

The maroon and red sets were introduced post-Shift 2 and have all four holes accounted for. These do not need modification.

I do not think you can buy a gray set, like the ones that come with the Shift 2, but if you can they would be ok.

The Cosmo set is different than the Shift plates in that they have less of a soul area, but more importantly, they are made of a stiffer plastic. They are totally compatible with the Shift/Shift 2, but they need this modification to work with Shift 2.

There are two black kits in the wild. One is a darker black (close to the boot color) and those have two holes and needs to be modded. This is the one on the Razors site:


Another black kit (as I photographed above to the left of a Comso frame) looks a bit lighter black and the plastic feels a bit different, I think it has more glass in it, but this one has four holes and just works with the Shift 2 (see below). I was able to purchase both types of black kits at my local skate shop Thuro. I imagine any of the shops will look in their stock and send you either set.

The white Shift sets appear to be two hole only and will have to be modded.

Do not take this as a complaint about Razors, or the Shift skates. I love the Shift 2 and would buy it again. It’s just FYI. The fix is easy and I suggest you at least look into whether you need to, or should implement it.



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