Hysteric is holdin’ it down for those of us still in love with disco (particularly European disco).


His current work is great, but his edits of cherished classics are an amazing gift.




Tayo Popoola is an amazing DJ/Muscician. I know of him through his incredible tech-house and ‘progressive’ breaks sets.


Tayo is a true DJ and therefore quite eclectic and thoughtful. He wrote and incredible piece on William Onyeabor to mark his unfortunate passing.

The enigmatic 1970s Nigerian musician who was a hipster favorite from London to Brooklyn

Pull quote:
“Onyeabor was hidden in plain sight, behind his body of work, with enough mystery around him for people to construct their own myths.”

Onyeabor is a hipster treasure for sure, but for good reason.

Here is the requisite David Byrne blessing:


Also, a cool noisey piece on him